Kamis, 27 September 2012

MuhMur Talks Petals

A nice write up of the Petals SLI disc from the thoroughly decent MuhMur blog.

Whilst generally spreading the love, I'll mention that you can catch Steve's (that's Mr MuhMur) first foray in to radio on MixCloud and further adventures will be broadcast via Soundart Radio. Rumour has it that a future show will focus on friend of SLI, Mr Neil "Astral Social Club" Campbell, so should be well worth listening out for.

Any how, back to Petals thoughts;

RFM on Transit Timing Observations From Kepler

A super review from the super Radio Free Midwich, looking at the Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders disc; Transit Timing Observations From Kepler, released on Hairdryer Excommunication.

Copies are still available (I think?) from Mr Kevin Sanders himself, over at Hairdryer Excommunication

Core of the Coalman's Comprehensive Catch Up

So, as I sit here on holiday (full of the same cold I always get after a long haul flight) it seems fitting to post about Jorge (that's Mr Core of the Coalman) who has just posted what can only be described as a comprehensive account of his recent travels, touring, recording and sight-seeing. In this journal, of particular note to me is Jorge's recounting of his time in Leeds for the gig with Ashtray Navigations, Cm nG and Hagman, about whom he says some lovely things;

It was, indeed, a cracking night; I should also add that the Cm nG set can be tracked down on the ever dependable "The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show (#38") and that I have been loving the discs I traded with Jorge. Using Affinity Groups as a soundtrack to my time in Manchester Airport made the experience eminently more enjoyable.

Minggu, 23 September 2012

Harsh Digital Nose VST

As too many time happens, this VST simply laid on my plug-ins folder for a too long time, without me having time to dig into it since today.
I must say that after just ten minutes of semi-random tweaking I regretted not having used it before and after twenty I came out with a solid groove, possibly for a new track.

The concept behind resembles the one of a program that I used to run on the Amiga called RGS so a small paint program used to shape waveforms and the ability to import images. Those data are then added or multiplied together according to the knobs on the right to produce sounds.

Harsh Digital Nose a synthesizer that converts two images into two oscillator waveforms and then mixes them in various horrible ways. You can drag and drop images or draw them on the plugin in real time.

The name couldn't have been better as it develops some very convincing industrial leads. Deep, polyhedric sounds with sharp highs are guaranteed.


Rabu, 19 September 2012


Thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday and made it a super evening.

Thanks to my co-host and designer of sexy posters, Andy (from the highly recommended Crow Versus Crow Radio Show) and all at Wharf Chambers for hosting us.

And, of course, many thanks to Ben Gaymer, Paul (BBBlood), Max Bondi, Eddie (Aqua Dentata) and Oli (Petrels) for some great performances.

You can listen to the first four minutes of each set (using the fancy little gizmo below) or download the full recordings of all five performances by scrolling a little further...

Each of the five sets are available to download in a .rar archive, here;

Jumat, 14 September 2012

SLI.009 - Petals

The ninth release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;

SLI.008 - Aqua Dentata

The eighth release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;

SLI.007 - Andrew Jarvis

The seventh release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;

Rabu, 05 September 2012

Idwal Fisher Talks SLI

A cracking write up of the first two SLI discs from the wonderful world of Idwal Fisher.

As I type this, there's still three copies of Twenty-three Taels available from Bandcamp; when they're gone, that's it.

All the copies I had of I Can Remember The Faces Of All The Grebs At My School have now been sold, although the free download is still available. If, however, you'd like to contact Mel, via her blog, I think she still has a few copies for sale.

Hagman Played on Crow Versus Crow

The title track of Hagman's Wormwood release on SLI, gets a play on the current edition of the rather spiffing Crow Versus Crow radio show.

The last few copies of Wormwood are still available from Bandcamp.

Minggu, 02 September 2012

Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders - Transit Timing Observations From Kepler

The Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders collaboration, "Transit Timing Observations From Kepler", will be available from the aforementioned Mr Kevin Sanders, over at Hairdryer Excommunication, from Monday. Full details "here!".

It is £3 (including P&P!) and a Hairdryer Excommunication patch can be added to your order for a mere £1 extra (whilst stocks last); all patch proceeds will go The 1in12 Club, Bradford. Paypal Kev via kevinjsanders@gmail.com or use the same address to request details of cash / cheque payments...

(Photos by Kevin Sanders)