Minggu, 25 November 2012


So, first of all, thank you to everyone who performed, helped and came along last night: I thought it was a brilliant night and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thanks to the lovely folk of Wharf Chambers for hosting the event, to Cloughie, Phil & Rob for totally nailing the Truant comeback, to Ian & Kieron (Hobo Sonn), Darren & Andy (Vile Plumage), Dave & *ahem* me (Hagman) and Neil & Paul (Early Hominids) for amazing performances.

You can listen to the first four minutes of each set (using the fancy little gizmo below) or download the full recordings of all five performances by scrolling a little further...

Each of the five sets are available to download in a .rar archive, here;

And, further thanks to those who kicked the evening off with the pre-gig-gig in the bar at Wharf Chambers. Thanks, again, to Darren & Andy (Vile Plumage), to Pete (Half an Abortion and to Darren & Christian (The Bongoleeros). A video of this beautiful aperitif can be viewed below (c/o Filthy Darren Wyngarde)...

And, also captured for posterity, here's the video of the Vile Plumage set (again, c/o Filthy Darren Wyngarde)...

Finally, big thanks to Rhid, for supplying the doo wop mix that provided a soundtrack for the night, between the live sets. It is available below for your listening pleasure...

Kamis, 22 November 2012


I finally managed to have a small batch of STRICTLY INDUSTRIAL T-Shirt printed. Slim Fit cut available in Black or Khaki Green. Stock is very short and limited for now.


Sizes in Cm:
  • S: Chest 86 - Waist 81
  • L: Chest 96 - Waist 91
  • XL: Chest 102 - Waist  92

Check your body type against provided measures because T-shirts
fit quite slim.
Anyone interested can either drop an E-Mail or hit me on Facebook.

Download of this compilation comes free with the T-Shirt:

Rabu, 21 November 2012


The twelfth release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;


The eleventh release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;


The tenth release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;

Riddler Wops

Rhid (Anticredos) made a doo wop compilation, I uploaded it to Mixcloud as it is a cracker...

Kamis, 08 November 2012

SLI at Wharf Chambers November 24th

So, not long to go before the next SLI evening at Wharf Chambers is upon us, just under two weeks!

Early Hominids

Mirfield's finest power-duo: Neil Campbell (Astral Social Club) and Paul Walsh (Foldhead). Combined, primed, wined and dined; now it's time for them to get busy with a joint sonic assault. I'm predicting an amalgamation of pints, table-top electro-trickery, strobe lights and tightly co-ordinated dance routines. Both Neil and Paul pulled off cracking sets at the first event and it seemed like a no brainer to ask them to perform together.

There isn't an Early Hominids web presence, but you can catch up with their individual exploits online.



Daniel & David Thomas (no relation); two men with a variety of noise making devices, effects pedals and lots of wires. As Lord Hayler of Midwich once wrote; "Hagman present a hard-won equilibrium teetering between power line hum and the rhythmic clatter of early 80s electro-industrial. As sinuously alien as a millipede clambering over tree bark, yet as warm as a cat asleep on your chest."


Hobo Sonn

Next up is Hobo Sonn, a project of Ian Murphy (Gryn Brvs), but performing this evening as a duo with Kieron Piercy (Spoils and Relics) and; two chaps who weave together a tapestry of sound. Expect an alluring and considered blend of manipulated field recordings, doctored electronics and a variety other intriguing sounds.



Remember the millennium? Calendars everywhere ditched their 19 and went all 20 on us. Around this time a friendship was burgeoning between two of Leeds' Termite Club comrades in arms; Rob Hayler (one-time head honcho of Fencing Flatworm and full-time Midwich) and Michael "Cloughy" Clough (one-time Rancid Poultry, PRP Group and Klunk member, now a full-time Kleeklonking, Atem Tanzing, 1971 Nacht-action fetishist). Deep analogue rumblings and shimmering drones of collaboration filled the air and the duo soon found themselves trio; joined, as they were, by Phil Todd (full-time Astray Navigations and too many part-time variations to even begin listing) who had recently relocated from Stoke to the tropical climes of West Yorkshire. After a few gigs and an album on Fencing Flatworm (http://radiofreemidwich.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/01-that-fight-you-lost.mp3) the fire of this "no audience super group" was extinguished. Gone.

In a half-remembered haze, legends were constructed, talk of rock'n'roll excess and in-fighting lingered, unverified audio tapes of Troggs-like arguments circled the underground (allegedly from a source "close to the band" who was present at the recording sessions for the fabled second album). Truant remained quiet. Until now! Well, actually until Spring 2011, when almost a decade had passed by and Clough, Hayler & Todd dusted off the master tapes and went about splicing together 'The Truant Accord' (released on Memoirs of a Flatworm - a collaborative concoction of Memoirs of an Aesthete and Fencing Flatworm). The Truant Accord came and went; seemingly, that was that for Truant. However, a throwaway comment that a Truant reformation would be good - based on my enjoyment of what seems to be a deliciously fruitful period for all three truants - planted a seed which has germinated in to this performance and there's even chit-chat being exchanged about "Truant III" in the works.


Vile Plumage

The duo of Darren Wyngarde (Filthy Turd) and Andrew Jarvis ("the quite man of the Stoke-on-Trent experimentalism" - Idwal Fisher) shall be bringing their own, unique brand of fuzzy muck, dictaphone field recordings, silver mixers and sound-witchery to Wharf Chambers. Delicious.


Doors 7pm, £4

Wharf Chambers is a members' club and you need to be a member, or guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit wharfchambers.org. Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

PS... Prior to this event, a free event will be taking place outside the Corn Exchange, featuring Vile Plumage, Half an Abortion and Bongoleeros!

Jumat, 02 November 2012

MuhMur SoundArt Broadcast - 01/11/2012

The latest edition of Steve "MuhMur" Cammack's Soundart Radio show is now online for your listening pleasure. It features 'Viaduct for Two' from the SLI release Whether to Drown by Petals and much more, including a track from friends of SLI, Ashtray Navigations. Super...