Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Barber Pole Flanger VST

Here's another child of the "simple GUI but great sound" family of plug-ins:

Barber Pole Flanger VST plug-in
The sweep of the flanged sound seems to move in only one direction (“up” or “down”) infinitely, instead of sweeping back-and-forth.

It features a simple implementation of the Barber Pole Flanging but it's best feature is when used with all the knobs set to maximum levels. With such a configuration it acts as a "re-synthesizer" giving a typical metallic Vocoder timbre to any sound filtered.

  • 4 different algorithms.

  • Up to 8 stages for smooth and blurry flanging.

  • Independent control of depth and modulation speed.

  • Manual included.

  • Open Source.

Highly recommended!


Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Metallic noises with AKAI S900

Hot nights have become cold and now are slowly fading to freezing. I'm not used to the new season yet so it's too early to compose music. Sampling safaris are the right activity. Like an ant at the beginning of the autumn I am storing new samples to be used during the winter...

Today I spent a nice evening in front of my AKAI S900, a sampler widely known and appreciated for its metallic timbre, dumping via MIDI a few metallic sounds.

AKAI S900 Metallic sounds

Playing them back at different pitches with weird looping points creates some new raw materials.

A good denoising stage was required to remove the sampler background noise and to obtain some usable audio textures that I am going to share.


Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Thrummaschine distortion VST

Finally a good distortion plug-in, capable of band separated modulations:

Thrummaschine VST plug-in

The signal is splitted in 3 adjustable bands and can be distorted quite strongly. Indeed, every band filter can be modulated with an LFO. Band can be panned freely so to transform any MONO sound in STEREO.

- 3 user-defined bands for bass, mid and high freqencies, with overlap if required
- 3 filters with tempo-sync LFO, for each freq band
- overdrive, distortion and bitcrush effects
- send level for each band to each effect
- pan and volume for each band

I got some very nice results by layering two or more instances of the plug-in in the same channel, that way the amount of controls and automation is widened.

More informations and DOWNLOAD