Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Transit Timing Download

The Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders collaboration, "Transit Timing Observations From Kepler", is now available to download (name your price!) from the Hairdryer Excommunication Bandcamp.

New Ap Martlet Track

So, the David Thomas half of Hagman has uploaded his latest solo work and it is well worth a listen. A tasty treat, for sure...

And it's already garnered praise from the equally tasty Radio Free Midwich;

Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

Idwal Fisher on SLI.004 through SLI.009

Well, it seems as if the last six releases found themselves on the Idwal Fisher review pile all at once. I blame Royal Mail. Still, undeterred by this little monochrome haul, he ploughed on and has some very nice things to say about the experience.

RFM on SLI.007 through SLI.009

Some lovely words, about lovely people and the last three lovely SLI releases, from the lovely Radio Free Midwich. Lovely.