Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

Radio Effect VSTi

More VSTi noisy craziness from the Japanese website. I'm not stunned about that knowing how a strong noise culture Japan has, since it gave birth to a band like The GeroGeriGeGeGe...

Japanese VST radio FX

This plug-in emulates the tuning of a radio set. You can load samples that will be your "stations" and tune the radio to them with the usual knob. Sounds simple, but the implementation in industrial music are wide.


Jumat, 23 Juli 2010

Nipponic Noise Generator VSTi

I am being totally wasted by this VSTi plug-in:

 japan noise generator

It comes from this Japanese website with no information except for a Youtube video:

Anyway any information wouldn't be very the rest of the website is written in the language of rising sun!

Good enough the author added some very detailed information on the GUI itself in the amount of... none! All we know is that there are five stages of... something with cutoffs and volumes. Four additional unnamed slider have shown to be an ADSR envelope and a "FILE" button will ask us for a .WAV to load. Our choice here is not very important as it will serve only as seed for some noise generation.

As long as a note is played the instrument sounds continuously, generating powerful metallic drones.

There are more VSTs there which look interesting. Will be posting about them also!


Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

Some Kickdrum samples with PAiA modules

The blog has been dormant for a while due to personal music production priorities. However I am collecting stuff from people sending me suggestions so I plan to post a little more from now on.

My friend Furio loves analog modular systems. He builds his own modules from kits often modding them to suit his needs. We've been talking about the employ of such machinery into modern industrial music and the end was that he should have done a few samples for the blog, so here we are with some Modular Kickdrums.

This is how the chain has been set up:

PAiA Module

Dark Side SSM2044 VCF VCO Luna Modular Synthesizer System ModuleDark Side SSM2044 VCF/VCO

Doepfer A-132-3 Dual linear/exponential VCAA-132-3 Dual linear/exponential VCA

The results are some clean and punchy kicks, ready to be slaughtered with the most inhuman distortion techniques!

Il modulatore è praticamente un inviluppo AR con attenuatore, settabile via switch in modalità LFO che modula in continuo un VCO. L'Attacco corto, da l'effetto dell'impatto e il Relese più lungo, la sensazione di coda della vibrazione di membrana e corpo della cassa.

L'onda modulata è filtrata in un VCF SSM2044 per aggiungere carattere, dinamica e risonanza. Dal VCF ho passato il suono in un VCA in tecnologia CEM usato per aggiungere ulteriore carattere e regolare la preamplificazione, prima di entrare nei Pre e Convertitori ADC AKM standard/onboard della scheda audio (ultra low jitter) RME HDSP2496.

I suoni son stati prima Campionati in un unico file e poi frammentati i campionamenti in questi file distribuiti, su SO GNU/Linux e Editor Audio FOSS, via server audio JACK@ALSA che permette controllare e sapere di non aver avuto perdite di dati nel flusso audio.

The sounds have been sampled in pristine quality with a high resolution audio server and here they are provided in both 32/96 and 24/44.1 formats.