Minggu, 25 April 2010

TLR D15 Analog Drum Machine VST

When doing music not tonally one focuses more and more on drums and percussions. Kickdrums, when it comes to me, but generally speaking not only them. This is why I always try to test the wider range of drum machines possible.

This VST plug-in from TLR, the same authors of Blister, sounds weird enough to satisfy the said need of Industrial stomps and hits.

TLR D15 Analog Drum Machine VST

Fully customizable, analog modeling drum machine (no samples!). Each sound is tunable, opening the doors for drastically different drum kit presets. The amplifier stage contains a tube simulator with pre and post gain as well as a clean output.


Rabu, 21 April 2010

HESED Industrial sample-kit

Claudio Hesed is a true analog freak, maybe even more than me! He's into tekno and electro since ages and composes his music using the Atari ST. An Italian citizen but moved to Germany years ago: a choice I should have done too...

Live pa and Producer of Electro,Experimental,Hip-hop,Tekno,Hardcore and much more.
Start to make and study music with 8 years old playing guitar in 1997 first contact with electronic music (ambient,electro), in 1998 start djing and producing with hardware. 2000 start to collect all atari machine possible ;-).
2004 start to work for Magix (music&video software) and learnt about mastering. Also making Sound Design for video, spot, theather and more.
Founder of Analog Tecne Model records label.

He makes some weird and unusual sample kits for Prokits.co.uk mainly from circuitsbend machine.

I asked him to send me some Industrial sounds and what I finally got is a beautiful set of DRM syncussion (HDB/Vermona) sampled through Metasonix R53 Vacuum-Tube Waveshaper which he agreed to publish on my blog!

DRM Filtered Kit

70 Samples recorded from analog devices.

45 Drum - 12 Snares - 8 Claps - 4 Hihat - 1 Special

The samples are coming out of a DRM syncussion (HDB/Vermona)
and filtered with Metasonix R53 Vacuum-Tube Waveshaper modul.

So download the kit and say THANX to Claudio!


More sample kits from HESED

Selasa, 13 April 2010


"Me next! Me next!!"... this is what the KORG MS-20 seemed to shout after seeing me sampling the JoMoX thorough the Black Audio Destructor! The big old toy is on the list of the borrowed things, so anytime I can get a phone call that will take it away from me. Since I know that I will be committing suicide when this happens, I decided to exploit it a bit more.

KORG MS-20 vs Black Audio Destructor

So I spent a nice evening filtering the KORG MS-20 thorough the BAD, trying some unusual (actually ranging from weird to completely insane) patches including the outputs of the White and Pink noises.

In this collection of industrial sounds all samples are in MONO but I advise to couple similar sounds together into a STEREO file for some nice spatial effects.


Senin, 12 April 2010

BLISTER Distortion VST

I stumbled upon this VST plug-in from TLR while doing a techno track a few days ago. Itself it's a nice piece of software but the characteristic that has cached my attention is its SERIABILITY.

Blister VST distortion

Usually distortion plug-ins, after putting two or three of the same in the same track, sound nothing more that a big squared waveform. This plug-in starts to make interesting sounds after three or more instances are loaded in the same track. This is probably because of the oscillator there's inside:

Something important to mention here is the utilization of a Synthedit module called NewWave (by Ralph Gonzalez). Basically it detects an input frequency and then uses that information to spit out a synthy waveform based upon it. This technology works
much better when used along with a very simple input signal.

I arrived at five instances on a single track and actually getting some fun artifacts.


Jumat, 02 April 2010

MP3 encoding artefacts as a creative effect

Lossy encoding creates unwanted and weird effects. The MP3 codec tries to recreate the full frequency spectrum regardless of the encoding frequency, so at very low values it develops weird artifacts that I always found interesting in a creative way.

I've been looking for a VST plugin that encodes and decodes audio in MP3 format but it seems like it doesn't exists. Also normal codecs like LAME or Fraunhofer don't create enough artifacts to satisty my needs except the one that comes with Macromedia/Adobe Flash.

Also older version work as far as they can import WAVS.

Here is how it can be done:
Load up the .WAV into the library and put it into timeline. Edit the properties and start playing a little. Basically very low frequency work well for this. It is possible to load single tracks or entire mixes, but more variegated material will create more fractalization after the encoding.

Export the .SWF and use something to convert it back to .WAV. This appears to work well but there are surely alternatives to test out also on other platforms.

Put the result together with the original track on your preferred audio sequencer and start mixing them. You really don't need to be an EQ wizard to be able to enhance the artifacts frequencies.

This is the .SWF version of my latest song (just as an example). The resulting file is less that 300kb, so it is clear that the codec is "inventing" back most of the audio!